About Us
Mistral Service S.a.S. is an open access publisher with the main goal to facilitate access to high-quality research results in the domains of Science, Technology and Humanities. All manuscripts published by Mistral Service S.a.S. are made freely and permanently available online. We ensure an fast and professional publication process through ore peer-review process system. Authors publishing with Mistral Service S.a.S. retain the copyright of their work. All users can download copy and use our publications as long as the author and the publisher are properly cited.
All the manuscripts are:
  • peer-reviewed;
  • prepared with color illustrations without any page limitation;
  • indexed with an ISBN code
  • distributed as “open access” work and areĀ  freely and permanently available online ;
  • the copyright will be held by the author(s) and they canĀ  reproduce, publish, distribute etc. on condition that the original authors and the source are given credit;
  • typeset and preparation of final documents before publication;
  • fully available on our website.
For more info: mistral.messina@gmail.com or info@mistralservice.it