ISBN: 978-88-98161-59-1
Publication Date: 00-00-0000
Authors: Hemeda Sayed
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The present report helps in understanding the amount of hazards and risk that EL Sakakini suffers. EL Sakakini is located within Cairo city which is considered moderate hazard but high risk seismic zone with moderate seismicity. It is quite obvious that fault activity and surface rock/soil response to ground shaking would occupy the top position of the critical geohazards. For this the amount of hazards were evaluated carefully using all available source of information, including review of the literatures in and around EL SAKAKINI PALACE, earthquake catalogues,and finally GPR and seismic survey inside the area of EL SAKAKINI PALACE. Finally the expected ground motion shaking that may reach EL SAKAKINI PALACE using one of the most common parameters (PGA) was given. Previously published geological maps and literature on the geology of Cairo area has been integrated within a regional framework and tectonic context of the area under investigation. Having done that, fault intersection has been defined in the area in and around the Palace.